How to increase Mobile App Engagement.

When you build a Mobile Application, you want it to blaze amidst your users and become an instant favourite. But the distance between this dream and reality can be difficult, there are ways that can help us overcome the distance quite easily.

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When you build a Mobile Application, you want it to blaze amidst your users and become an instant favourite. But the distance between this dream and reality can be difficult, there are ways that can help us overcome the distance quite easily. 


There are several points that can be followed to achieve these desired results and they are as follows-

Ways of enhancing App usability

Easy Sign in- It is said that the first impression is the last impression and an easy sign-in for customers would mean that they know navigating your Application would not be a difficult process. To make it easier you can also add tutorials or introductory videos that would make it easier for your customers to use the mobile application and also view the features of the Application.

Two-way communication- It is important to get feedback from your users and notify them about the new services or products or new features that you are about to launch. This communication not only ensures the elimination of problems that might later arise and lead to negative reviews but also makes sure that users are well informed about the goings of the Mobile application.

User Experience- The sole motive of building a Mobile Application is to create something that would lure in users and in turn help you earn revenue, so it is important that your users have a great experience, be it in-app navigation or the UI/UX. 

Push Notification- A push notification can very well be annoying to potential users if there is no research or deliberations before sending them out they may give out negative effects. Thus, it is advisable to be informed about the likes and dislikes, location, needs of the users. This will ensure that your notifications are not annoying and carry the interest of the users.

For the old users, you can send out deep links that would show them new products/ services/ features and if their interest arises they can directly open the page with the required information.

Maintenance- Every good thing requires maintenance and update and so does your Mobile Application. You would want to remove the outdated parts of the application and add new features, products, or services to your application. It keeps the users excited and eager to come back. Maintenance requires extra costing.

Marketing- It is not always enough to have a set number of users, it is also important to create awareness about your Mobile Application and tell people how it can make their life easier, and to achieve this it is important to have a proper marketing team that can make your Application well-known and recognized.

These will ensure that your users do not leave you alone and you have new users who keep coming but the question that arises is how to know that your tactics are actually working, you may have numerous users but less revenue or several segments may not be getting used -

Measure your Success

Users Retained- The number of users who return to your Mobile Application after the initial sign-up and first visit are the ones who are interested in what you offer and if this is low you might want to check what the problem might be.

Lifetime Value- How much you are earning from each user at the end of the month can give you an idea of which one they are actually using your services and which not.

Segmentation- You put your customers in different segments to see what they are using the most, for eg- A user might be using a certain segment of your Application and some other feature of your Mobile Application. This will give you an overview of what segments are best used and what updates you could provide. 

How Codenia Helps

Codenia Technologies LLP deals in Mobile Applications, Websites development, etc. so we get your mobile Application or Website tested and give you a quality product that you can present before your users.

Our company is dedicated to providing technical solutions to our clients that include Mobile Application/ Website building, Digital marketing, IoT, IT Consulting, Smart TV Applications, Watch Applications, etc., and we are proudly backed by our satisfied clients, who can vouch for our dedication and deliverance.

We have a team of experienced developers and digital marketing experts who are dedicated to keeping your mobile Application updated and in the eyes of potential users.


Getting a Mobile Application built is certainly a tedious task but keeping in updated with the interests of users is another task altogether, there are various ways to measure your success and numerous ways to keep your users hooked to the Mobile Application. 

Codenia Technologies can help you with not only Mobile Application building but also with maintaining the Mobile Application and providing the best Digital Marketing services required.

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We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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