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How to increase Mobile App Engagement.

When you build a Mobile Application, you want it to blaze amidst your users and become an instant favourite. But the distance between this dream and reality can be difficult, there are ways that can help us overcome the distance quite easily.


AR (Augmented Reality) for e-Commerce

Until now Augmented Reality has been used mainly as a toy, but now E-commerce has seen a glimpse of the future there and has started exploring new possibilities there. Let check out these possibilities


An emergency App for your loved ones

Getting an App developed from scratch can be a very tedious and time consuming task, especially when a developer has no idea of your dream Mobile application and you have to explain every single thing to them.


Why Kotlin for Android?

Codenia Technologies gives you a ready-made team that has world-class Developers, Graphic designers to curate for you an Application just the way you visualized it