Online Grocery App Development Solution

We help to build a fully white label grocery app solution for supermarkets, grocery stores, aggregators and startups. A fast, safe and more secure solution for the grocery business to increase your revenue.

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Business Models We Support

Bring out your Branded Grocery Delivery app with our All-in-one Grocery App development Solution.

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Grocery Marketplaces

Increase your marketplace revenue by electronic dispatch, delivery and tracking with completely personalized grocery delivery apps.

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Single/Multi Grocery Stores

From your single & multiple grocery stores with customized websites and highly intuitive mobile apps ,Your customers can shop online and get to you easily.

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Grocery Chain Stores

Make a real time locating systems & advanced analytics online grocery delivery app for your region like Big Basket.

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Simple and Quick. Launch your Online Grocery Business to delivers the customer’s orders at Doorstep.

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Make it simple grocery shopping for your customers

Great Experience for Customers Online Grocery shopping

Attract your customers by developing a fast Pickup and Delivery Grocery shopping app from your nearby preferred grocery store.

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Native Apps

Shoppers get intuitive Android and iOS apps for buying grocery online.

Easy Onboarding

Getting started is quick and seamless with email and social login options.

Browse Products

Choose a wide range of food and grocery products with a detailed description.

Quick Search

Shoppers can easily find items with intuitive search, filters, and sorting.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay the way they want with support for all popular options.

Order Tracking

Real-time tracking and alerts to know the exact status of an order.

Schedule Delivery

Customers can choose a convenient delivery time to receive their orders.


Shoppers can quickly repeat an order from their order history saving time.

Push Notifications

Provide deal alerts, price drops, order alerts and other important updates.

Offer Zone

A dedicated section for shoppers to find all the latest deals and discounts.

Manage Settings

Simple profile management, addresses, payment details, notification settings, etc.

Feedback & Ratings

Get useful feedback from your customers about their shopping experience.

Powerful Tool For Grocery Store Partners

Managers and owners can easily get the order’s status with just a simple tap using a mobile app.

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Browse Stores

Allow shoppers to browse and shop products from a specific store.

Store Locator

Make your stores easily discoverable on a map for easy navigation.

Website Ordering

Provide your customers option to make purchases from a web app.

Logistics Integration

Power your doorstep delivery operations with third party integration.

Customer Support

Add customer support integration to resolve user queries with ease.

Inventory Management

Integrate with an inventory management software for higher efficiency.

Change Location

Allow users to swipe from a different location like when they are traveling.

Extend your Grocery Business with Positivity

A robust dashboard can manage all the features of your grocery shopping business operations with actionable analytics for continuous optimization.

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A one stop web admin to manage all aspects of your grocery business.

Manage Stores

Run and manage multiple stores and handle them individually in one place.

Assign Managers

Add managers to your stores to simplify and streamline store management.

Manage Listings

Create product listings, add pricing, quantity and other inventory details.

Assign Orders

Manually assign new orders to your stores or let it be handled automatically.

Track Orders

Keep an eye on every order placed and their fulfillment details.

Manage Customers

View and manage all customers registered on the platform and do more.

Offers Management

Create new deals, offers, and discounts and approve deals from restaurant partners.

Manage Payments

Add your payment details and started getting paid for online grocery sales.

Manage Offers

Create new offers, deals, and discounts and manage their availability.

Manage Feedback

View customer feedback for grocery delivery and accordingly make changes.

Manage Notifications

Manage push, email and SMS alert settings for customers and store managers.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage data and insights to grow your grocery app business faster and smarter.

Dedicated Interface

A web Interface for simple order management.

Order Notifications

Web Notifications on newly received Orders.

Dispatch Order

Easy Dispatch orders for delivery from the store.

Order Status & Tracking

Easy tracking orders and status of all new, in progress and complete ones.

Manage Inventory

Easy viewing and managing the store inventories and pricing.

Want your Own On-Demand Grocery Shopping App?

People with their busy schedules don’t have time to cook. They want comfortably getting their Grocery at their doorstep. This is a great step for you to develop your own on-demand Grocery shopping app where people can easily get their groceries online ,helping your business to grow and we want you to achieve success in this business.

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Great Advantages of our Grocery App Development Solution

With Codenia, You can build a High quality standard Grocery shopping app with robust features and customer satisfied apps.
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Development & Customization

Get a fully branded and tailored grocery app solution with custom features, integrations, and enhancements.

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Time & Cost Efficient

Your business can get started with selling grocery online quickly and cost effectively with our base solution.

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Multi Model

We develop custom grocery apps for grocery store marketplaces or single or multi-vendor grocery businesses.

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Third Party Integrations

Unite with the third parties to supercharge your Grocery Business.

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Worldwide Business Launch

Let your Business launch in multiple regions with multi language and currency support Smooth Payments.

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Seamless Payments

Add popular payments like Paypal for easy and seamless clearances.

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Powerful Technology

Get powerful Technology for your Grocery Business from our Grocery App Development Solution.

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User Friendly

Our solution provides highly intuitive app experience and simple management.

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Success Partner

We ensure to deliver maximum ROI and great cooperation with our clients.

Technology and Solution Framework

We have our best experienced grocery app developers with their powerful technology to launch your Online Grocery shopping Platform.

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Reorganizing the method of your team working!

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A Vision To Fulfill Your Dreams and give them Life with your Hard work

Easy & fast designing
Powerful features
Advanced HTML/CSS editing
Native Development
User Experience Design
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Helping Hands to the Start-ups

Also being the Partner for digitalization with Start ups, We took initiative in building Business Products for common issues that we have faced in various other products and projects.

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Impact & Insights

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We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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