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About the client

Bonbeno established in 2017, a chain of retail stores stocking all things pet – food, accessories. With more than 24 brands under their roof, including global leaders like Mars-Royal Canin, Farmina and Orijen, Bonbeno is keeping well to its promise of providing a one-stop shop for all your pet needs – food, accessories and grooming. Bonbeno now has 23 outlets spread across India.

New Delhi, Delhi, India
Retail and E-Commerce

Website Stack: MySQL 8.0, HTML 5, CSS3, PHP 7.1, RazorPay Payment Gateway, PayPal Payment Gateway, Magento 2.2.5, JQuery UI, Google Font API, OWL Carousel, Holisol, Google Tag Manager, Stripe Payment Gateway
Mobile Stack: Native APIs, SQLite, Firebase

  • Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Franchisee Management System
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Strip, PayPal and Razorpay payment integrations


Bonbeno found the shopping experience for pet care products, especially retail, very time consuming and frustrating. Shop A had food but no accessories, Shop B had accessories but no food and Shop C had both food and accessories but not the brand they wanted. It was, well, a bloated mess. This led to the establishment of Bonbeno in 2017, a chain of retail stores stocking all things pet – food, accessories.


“We’re not a retail store. We’re a brand. We believe our responsibility doesn’t just ends at selling quality stuff at unbeatable prices. We’re more than that. We’re a service provider. We consider it our responsibility to make people more informed on how to take care of their pets and provide them an easy and affordable way to do it i.e. shopping at Bonbeno The Pawsome Store. We’ve plans for aggressive nationwide expansion in the next couple of years so watch out for a Bonbeno store near you soon!”


BonBeno wanted to build a feature rich website and mobile cross-platform applications to connect franchise including small startups to big companies directly to consumers by offering attractive deals which will ultimately increase the buying power as well as the selling power. The company wanted to give all the features and functionalities related to E-commerce i.e. generating coupons, coupon redemption, wallets etc. The important thing was that the website, Android and iOS applications were not just destined for the local area but ultimately envisioned and designed as working prototypes for an international audience that could be implemented across the world. Major challenges to develop BonBeno website and mobile apps could be summarised as under:

  • BonBeno website has to use paid Magento themes and plugins. The challenge was to use them perfectly and use their maximum features.
  • To create lots of API data to be used in Magento site and use it appropriately.
  • To manage huge collection of database of customers which the users can access to save their time and money as they search for products or deals at different places.
  • To make the products easily accessible to the shops and the customers.
  • To manage the Wallets generated and manage appropriate commissions.
  • To create such an integrated website and mobile app platform which can work in sync and the shopkeepers and the users can use them smoothly and flawlessly.

We are a Shopify and Magento ecommerce development partner. After considering, multiple platforms and frameworks we opted to use Magento hosted platform. Magento provides powerful integrations, API access, and security features satisfying all the requirements.


Codenia designed and developed Android and iOS mobile apps and a representative Magento website for BonBeno. We have used latest cutting edge tools and technologies while developing the BonBeno project.
Codenia has worked hand-in-hand with BonBeno founder to design and develop mobile applications and website that would accommodate all the information regarding Coupons, Wallets, Redemption and commission of shop keepers while simultaneously delivering an attractive, intuitive user experience for customers looking for information.
Codenia developed a password protected franchise system which is highly secure and these passwords can be changed by the respective francise.

  • Codenia provided online and offline franchise management system.
  • The important thing was to create an online and mobile user experience which make it easy for prospective customers to quickly buy the required product.


The solution designed and developed by Codenia met all of the expectation of the BonBeno promoters regarding the app and website and they are helping people to get amazing experience to buy things at discounted rate. Following were the key benefits that we as a franchise successfully provided.

  • The website and mobile applictions was delivered the product on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their product.
  • BonBeno is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within their budget. 
  • New features introduced within the system were taken up and Codenia ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level. This overall dedicated effort from Codenia along with the overall software quality increased the customer satisfaction level, thereby increasing our clientele revenue and customer retention by huge margin.
  • The mobile applications developed by Codenia has gained very high reviews from its community of users, further strengthening BonBeno’s relationship with its customers.
  • In the end, BonBeno got a rich online presence in-line with the brand’s overall look, feel, and positioning.

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