Define your ride

Discover an extensive roster of real cars on the Metaverse. Pick your dream ride and prepare to compete with the globe or just play mind games with the ever green chess.

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Codenia gave an awesome jump start to my Metaverse project. They are already offering quite a large set of options. You guys rock!!

Mandy Ludtke

Gaming and Metaverse come together

Codenia offers rush in blood and a focused mind at the same time with it's games. WHat's more, play on a virtual world.

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Lose yourself in an amazing, evolving world

Play this intense car racing game and race to the end. Get lost in the city and clear the obstacles to bypass.

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Capture, Protect or Combat

Be the sole leader of the Chess. Make opponent crack under the pressure of being a pawn down.

Here is a game that breaks rules.

Only for those who dare to defy reality. Here is a fantasy for all of us who break expectations.

A victory, without Armageddon

Our app is filled with active players and competitive people who love to learn & play chess.

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