Online Training & Learning Management System.

Solutions that meet the unique learning and business objectives of every client. Launch your own Online Training & Learning Solution for your Institution or Organization spreading Knowledge at an affordable cost and Time.

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Learn how to bring your Students Online

Complete E-Learning Solution with a Fun Learning Environment. Our consulting services maximize your processes for efficiency and quality. We have been in this Educational Field for a very long time and are fully experienced in fulfilling your requirements and building a program that performs well.

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Why choose our E-Learning Solution?

With fully Professional developers ,Codenia Technologies LLP is one of the best partners for crafting custom E-learning solutions within a short time and budget.
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E-Learning Design

Our first priority is our client’s requirements and needs. Based on that strategically we build E-Learning solutions to meet their cost.

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All from one source

Innovative design starts with understanding our customers' needs. We discuss with you, asking applicable inquiries before concluding any decisions.

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Simple & Fast Solution

With Rapid Development Services in order to have a rich user experience for all the visitors on your website.

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Numerous Hiring Strategy

We offer complete flexibility during hiring packages based on our Client’s needs. Timely reporting is also done during development.

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Reasonable Pricing

Clients don’t have to worry about the costing section. We maintain cost control processes and time management. We try to complete the assigned work in a smooth way.

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Experienced and Professional Team

We are fully involved with experts and other resources while developing your program.

Let’s talk about how Codenia can help you with your Training & Learning idea..

Codenia, The right choice for your Business

Customized and innovative E-Learning solutions
Reduced cost to deliver content
Faster content delivery
On-demand access
Smooth & Engaging learning process
Consistent branding and user experience
Reduced environment impact
24/7 access to our support team
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E-Learning solutions with expert teams

Codenia being the best online training and E-Learning management solutions has the best expert teams innovating all your methods. The perfect Technology partner for you.

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Our Work, Your Dream: Lets fulfil it Together

Our being unified will be a great opportunity for you to build your innovative E-Learning solutions by adding new and latest technology solutions.

Benefits of Choose E-Learning

With Robust features and fully custom E-Learning solution, Codenia Technologies LLP is the best, you're looking for your Business.
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Development & Customization

We build the E-Learning solution according to the organization’s requirements, helping them to build up a great connection with their customers.

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Time management & Profitable

With our capabilities and world-class team of developers, we deliver you the services in a short time and help you to have a profitable business.

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Simple & Innovative

There are many advanced levels of learning methods helping the learners to understand and grab the knowledge making learning too simple and interesting.

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Build Trust

E-Learning can be easier and secure for the learners and build the trust for the organization.

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Growth & Great Experienced

This helps the students to grow and makes learning easy for them, helping to increase good marks and better results.

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UI/UX design

UI design makes e-learning visually attractive whereas UX can help in engagement of your learners.

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Global Reach

We offer an innovative payment platform that supports global pay-ins and pay-outs in all major currencies.


Powerful & Upgraded E-Learning

We build highly secure and upgraded technology stack for your E-Learning platform.

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24/7 Support

24/7 full support with closely working together.

The only one stop solution for your Business

From On demand marketplace, e-commerce store, portfolio showcase or creating a subscription service, Codenia stands out with a feature rich solution and experienced team.

30 +

We have worked with 30+ organizations with great response all over.

70 +

Training is completed by these software using clients.

95 %

Of our users rated highest stars over a few years.

20 +

Different templates and design which can be changeable according to the client’s needs.

Powerful technology and Feature-riched solution

We, Codenia Technologies LLP helps you to grow and enhance your Online Learning and Training Business with highly robust technology and a customized solution.

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Impact & Insights

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Training programs, mentoring and coaching support to enable personal growth as individuals and as professionals.