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Facebook ads account for 18.4% of global digital ad spending. Add YouTube, Linked In and Twitter, and you have an enormous opportunity to reach your customers where they're hanging out online.

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"The group at Codenia has been BY FAR the best group of digital advertisers I have worked with. They are constantly staying up-to-date on the latest trends which helps significantly on any e-commerce site. They are friendly, provide prompt responses, and are willing to help in any way."

Christine Couch

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What We Do (In A Nutshell)

Our in-house team of social media advertising experts will help plan your marketing budget based on a cost per sale or lead that you need to hit in order to maximize your profitability.

We’ll design your ads, setup your campaigns, analyze the data regularly and optimize performance to increase revenue and leads over time.

Facebook ads is often the most profitable channel for our clients due to the enormous volume of potential customers spending a huge amount of time the platform. Moreover, many shoppers make purchase decisions based on research and recommendations they find on Facebook.

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Our Approach To Facebook Ads Management And Social Media Advertising

While running a Facebook ads campaign may look easy, it actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your website that will earn you more money than it will cost.

Understanding Your Business (Very Well)
Creative Design
Campaign Strategy Development
Data Analysis and Optimization
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Understanding Your Business (Very Well)

While we bring the advertising background and technical know-how to the table, you know your business and the unique behavioral characteristics a whole lot better than we do. Our team takes the time to understand what it is you do and how you make money. We'll get to work researching your industry, and come away with a psychological understanding of your customers and how to best appeal to them while they're on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Channel Highlights

Each social media channel has its distinct advantages for certain types of businesses in different markets. Our team will help your determine which channel(s) will be most profitable for your company.

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Facebook PPC advertising highlights:

  • Reach 1.13 billion active daily users
  • 92% of companies who run social ads run ads on Facebook
  • The most precise audience targeting anywhere on the internet
  • Multiple campaign objectives, including page likes, website visits, e-commerce purchases and more
  • Latest Facebook ad revenue amount for 2020 and 2019.
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LinkedIn advertising highlights:

  • Over 3 million businesses have LinkedIn business profiles
  • 33% of all business professionals on earth are active LinkedIn users
  • 51% of companies have acquired a B2B customer on LinkedIn
  • The most accurate B2B targeting capabilities anywhere on the internet
  • Target users by seniority, company size, industry, job title, education and more
  • Multiple advertising options, such as sponsored posts, text ads, in-app lead capture and more.

We have our own dedicated LinkedIn account management team. They help us find new audience segments for our clients.

If you’re looking to increase the volume and quality of your B2B leads, Codenia Technologies LinkedIn ads management is the best place to start.

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Twitter advertising highlights:

  • Twitter ads account for over 2.5% of all global internet advertising
  • Twitter is the best ad platform to increase brand awareness while driving cost effective traffic to your site
  • 2020 stats
  • Amplify your content through promoted tweets
  • Use multiple campaign goals like website visitors or increase followers to align your campaign with your marketing objectives
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YouTube advertising highlights:

  • Viewers who watch at least 30 seconds of an ad on YouTube are 23 times more likely to consume more content from that brand
  • YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine after Google
  • Brands see a 20% average increase in website traffic after launching a YouTube ad campaign
  • 43% of new customers buy something they saw advertised on YouTube
  • Multiple ad products such as in-stream, in-search and in-display
  • Use your Google Analytics audience segments to target your ads on YouTube

Precision Audience Targeting & Multiple Campaign Types

Whether segmented by gender, age group, interest category, geographical location or more, our clients don’t sell whatever it is they sell to everyone in the world. Chances are, neither do you.

Social media advertising enables us to show ads to the people who you know are in the market for the products and services you sell.

Age, Location & Gender

Relationship status

Income / Net worth

Fields of Study

Home Type

Hobbies and Activities

Business and Industry

Shopping Behavior

Online Spending Habits

Specific Page Likes

Previous Website Visits

Travel Methods

Custom Designed Ad Creative

We really, really hate ugly ads. Ugly ads gives our industry a bad name, and worse, they turn off your customers before they even land on your website. Ugly, templates ads suck. We don’t design ugly ads.

Fully In-House Team Of Stubbornly Passionate Advertisers

Our 100% in-house team of Google Ads management / PPC experts bring over 6 years of experience to your campaign development and optimization. While automation is useful for adding nuance to your strategy, there’s nothing that replaces the thought and analysis real people bring to the very real money you’re spending on digital ads every day

You’ll love your ROI, but you’ll love our people even more..

Included In Our Facebook PPC Management

Conversion Tracking

Our team will implement conversion tracking on your website, or we’ll work with your developer to make sure the codes we send are implemented properly.

If we’re taking over preexisting campaigns where conversion tracking has already been installed, we’ll perform thorough tests to make sure revenue and conversions are being tracked accurately.

In fact, we won’t launch a campaign before being certain that the data we’re collecting reports conversions properly.

Transparent Reporting

You own your data. All of it.

Our team configures regular reports to be delivered to your inbox on a schedule that works for you detailing all the key performance indicators important to your short term and long term advertising goals.

Regular Strategy Meetings

Your input and feedback is crucial to the long term success of your ad campaigns.

You’re team and our team will communicate regularly to review performance and to discuss our strategies and ideas for improving your campaigns.

Of course, the lines of communication are always open, but we like to schedule these calls to make sure not too much time goes by without our teams collaborating.

Re-marketing Setup

Re-marketing is a powerful advertising tool that allows you to show ads to your previous website visitors when they’re browsing other websites like blogs, news sites and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Many of our clients see extraordinary returns on their re-marketing campaigns, bringing qualified traffic back to their site to complete the conversion goal they want their visitors to take.

Our team will install and configure all applicable re-marketing tags, as well as manage the re-marketing audience creation and segmentation.

Our Social Media Ads Management Tech

Our in-house team brings all the creativity and analysis, with a healthy helping of the best technology the industry has to offer.

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