What Technologies Should App Developers Consider in 2021?

Mobile apps are now a part of our life. The more the number of apps increases, the more the number of smartphone users increases.

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Codenia Admin 3 years ago
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Are you an entrepreneur??

Want something new for your business in 2021?

Also for app developers..

Want some info on what trending technologies to follow in 2021 ??

So, we at Codenia decided to do something about it and create a list of technologies that an app developer should consider in the upcoming year 2021, which would transform the mobile app development landscape.

Mobile apps are now a part of our life. The more the number of apps increases, the more the number of smartphone users increases.

As the number of mobile apps increases, entrepreneurs need to build user -friendly apps that can attract many users.

The year 2020 has left a scar of coronavirus amongst us and has brought a huge change in our life and work, so people will be more dependent on technology in our upcoming times. We will be more dependent on mobile apps and the advancement of emerging technology will work wonderfully to make apps more useful to us.

Let’s check out the technology, an app developer should consider in 2021, that will reshape the future of mobile app development.

  1. Python

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Python is a high level programming language used as a server to create web applications. It is simple and easy to learn with readable language. As Python code is platform independent, so they can run on any platform.

You can get extensive libraries’ support while developing an app with python. Very few people are aware that python can also be used for mobile app development.

An app developer should prefer Python as it is fully secured. Python apps have less chances from cyber attacks. As for information, Python is modular, which becomes easy while developing an app. App developers while creating an app can divide the tasks. Which at the end can combine all the modules in a single app.

There are many other points that are considered.

You can get our assistance for all the details about this.

  1. Kotlin

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Kotlin is a programming language that combines object oriented and functional features into a unique platform. You can spend less time writing your code and understanding other’s code.

While making an existing project suitable for multiple platforms, you can use the code already written and simply modify it. It helps not only to develop android, but also, iOS, Web applications, and mobile app development.

  1. Flutter

Flutter is an open source software development kit for android, linux, iOS, mac, windows, and the web for a single codebase. If you want to have a fully functional application, you can choose Flutter. It uses a variety of widgets to develop an app.

Flutter improves the development of the app and also reduces the cost.

  1. Swift

Swift is a powerful programming language for iOS, macOS, TVs, watchOS and more. This language has opened new doors for app developers to make their idea work. It has the capability of giving a great user experience and taking your business to a next level.

Swift ensures secure and safe coding, eliminating all risky code classes to protect the environment.

  1. React Native

Hiring a native developer will cost less time and money for mobile app development. Skype, Ubereats, Facebook, Instagram, Vogue, Bloomsberg and others , these technologies have turned into react native.

React Native is used for building native mobile apps. React Native has become famous amongst many leading developers.

It can develop cross platform applications for both iOS and Android.

  1. Java

It is the #1 programming language and developing platform, specially built for android development. It reduces cost, takes less time, and improves application services.

  1. R Programming

R is a programming language and free software environment, used among the statisticians and data miners for developing statistical softwares.

What type of Developers you should find in 2021?

With every year passed, we have come across innovative techs growing faster and faster. In the same way, we can see highly skilled developers in this upcoming time.

When you start looking for developers, what should you be looking for??

But before that where can you find good developers?

No matter what you can always get skilled developers from app development companies.

Let's now take a look at some skilled developers.

  • Native app developers
  • Adaptable developers
  • Rust
  • No SQL and Big Data


There is no doubt that the impact of mobile apps will keep growing in 2021.

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So, if you want to give your business to enjoy the advantages of the app and come up with a higher ROI !!!!!!!!

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Got a question?

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