How Much Does Video Streaming App Like Disney+ Development Cost?

Those days are gone where people used to watch live sports matches or movies on television.

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Isn’t it exciting to have an app like Disney +????

But are you aware about the costing……….

Check out the details in the article.

You can get all you want..

Those days are gone where people used to watch live sports matches or movies on television. All attention and attraction seems to be lost towards cable television. All credit goes to the arrival of the new guest video streaming app.

And what excites us more that you can watch your favourite shows , skipping the commercials.

And also, let’s make it clear, these apps are not only for fun and entertainment, but also for business purposes and personal use.

Ever since these apps have come into limelight, there have been bundles of such apps in the market.

There are two types of video based apps.

  1. Apps for live broadcasting
  2. Apps for Video streaming

In the first case, the live broadcasting app allows a user to view live concerts or matches. They are available only to those users who have subscribed to a specific channel.

Apps for video streaming are those where the user can play the videos according to their wish. These videos are already stored in the app.

As i have mentioned, there are two categories of video-based apps, Live broadcasting apps and Video streaming apps.

As the query is about Video streaming apps, let's take a closer look at it.

There are some trending video streaming apps like Disney+, Hotstar, Netflix and more. They have their shows which are found nowhere other than in Disney+, Hotstar, Netflix and more. They have their own place in the market.

Features in an app like Disney+

An app is defined by the feature that it offers.

  • Video Library
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple screen support
  • Search and explore options
  • Payment options
  • User profile
  • Push notification
  • Watch list
  • Social sign-in
  • Privacy settings
  • Download and watch offline
  • HD videos access

Video Library

In an app like Disney+, The library is full with different entertainment contents.

They are cartoons, movies, anime shows. For all different ages, there should be different shows, movies and cartoons available.

Multi-language support

An app like disney+ should support many languages. If you want people to spend time in your app, you have to add more languages in the content. These videos should support English, Hindi, and in many regional languages.

Multiple screen support

This feature allows users to watch videos in T.V, IPods, Laptops, and on various devices. This is a useful feature for users as they can use their services on any devices they want.

Search and Explore option

Users can get different options for live videos, movies, cartoons for kids and more.

Payment options

This feature is important for receiving payma=ents for subscriptions. While developing the app, you must keep in mind to add different payment options in it to have smooth payments.

User Profile

In this feature, the user can create their profile adding their details, name, age, gender, payment option, watchlist and more.

Push Notification

The user can check if any videos are added by adding this feature. In this way, you can increase the viewers of the video which will help you to increase your revenue.

Watch list

The user should be allowed to have their own playlist, which is called Watchlist. This feature allows the user to watch the videos they want to.

Social sign-in

Social sign-in feature is a great option for users who find it difficult to remember their IDs and passwords all the time.

Privacy settings

There are some users who don't want to share their watched videos or playlists to their family or friends. This option can keep their videos private so that noone else can access it.

Download and watch offline videos

There’s no need to watch your video only in online mode. Your user can get a better experience watching videos through offline mode.

HD videos access

The quality of videos matters a lot, so you should also keep the video to watch in HD quality.

Team for Development

Disney+ like app is not an easy process to develop. You need an experienced team to build a perfect on-demand Disney+ like app. It requires a lot of teamwork and knowledge on technicals.

Hiring a team like Codenia Technologies LLP is a great choice for your app development. With their skill team and highly professionals, you can get what you want.

Here what you need while developing an app like Disney+.


  • Project manager
  • Android/iOS developer
  • Back end developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Business analyst
  • UI/UX designer

Hiring a team like Codenia can take care of all your technical parts of the development so that you can focus on your marketing and other important tasks.

Now, let's talk about the costing. An app like Disney+ must have robust and advanced features in it. Other app development agencies may cost around $20,000-$30,000 in approximately 20 weeks of development processes.

The factors that affect the cost of the development-

  • Platform
  • Design
  • Team
  • Features


During this pandemic, many people are dependent on the on-demand app services. This is the perfect time for you to boost your business, as people are waiting for great content, services, and this way your business will rise overnight.

Contact us today for assistance.

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