A Guide to Successful Mobile App Launch

Are you planning to launch Your Mobile App successfully????

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Here in this blog, you will get exactly what you need to do to launch a mobile app.

We are offering you an ultimate guide to successfully launch your mobile app.

With hundreds of launching mobile apps every month, you need to be ready to have a robust strategy to launch your mobile app with a bang.

But, why you need a mobile app to enhance your business.

There are some points why you need a mobile app.

  1. Visibility to your customers
  2. Brand presence and recognition
  3. Stand out from your competitors
  4. Gain customer’s loyalty
  5. Creating a direct marketing channel
  6. Customer’s engagement
  7. Sales growth

There are many other points that why you need a mobile app which helps your businesses make more money and get bigger day by day.

The final goal during the mobile development processes is to make a successful launch by increasing your users and increase in download of the app. For a business to move forward, you need a proper mobile app launch strategy for finding the way to success in the marketplace and also understand your audience better to solve problems.

We have categorized some steps as pre launch, launch and post launch to give you a clear vision of making a mobile app launch successfully.

If your app is in its early stage, check out the pre launch marketing strategy to prepare your app for launch. If your app is ready, then check out the strategy about the post launch.

  • Steps to Successful Mobile App Launch-

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  1. What Pre Launch Marketing Strategy you should follow?

  • Do some market research
  • Web presence
  • A press kit
  • Beta testing

Do market research-

If you launch an app, get an idea of your target audience. Do market research to target your potential users.

There are more than a million apps in the app store, so you must keep in mind that your app must have something unique and valuable to attract users.

You must always know that- who you are targeting, what is the benefit about your app and why the user wants your app.

Web presence-

Social media creates more visibility to your users. So many apps have gone viral only through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some platforms for promoting your app before launching.

A press kit-

What makes your app successful?? Five star ratings ?? Reviews ??

Ensure a smart mobile app launch. Convince some publishing houses and journalists for reviewing your app. You can even include a one minute promo video by bringing your messaging to life.

Beta testing-

Beta testing for final launch, as it is the best source for honest feedback for your app. Make sure to take some advice from the testers.

  1. Launch: Now it’s Go Time

  • Submit your app to your preferred app store
  • Notify your press list and influencer
  • A robust dashboard

Submit your app to your preferred app store-

The day is here !! Now it’s time to submit your app to an app store. It’s your choice to which app store you want to submit.

Notify your press lists-

Once you submit your app to an app store, then it's time to spread loud. Do notify about the release and include any relevant app store product page link and press kit. Encourage them to download your app.

A robust dashboard-

With everything focusing on the launch, you may forget about the dashboard. Keep yourself updated about your app by keeping record for regular KPI’s.

  1. Post Launch Strategy

  • Monitor Feedback, Reviews
  • Interact with your customers
  • Encourage ratings and reviews
  • Release your first update
  • Update your performance dashboard
  • Why hiring a mobile app development company is a better choice?

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Companies want to develop apps as they want to stay connected with their customers and provide them a memorable experience.

The more user friendly app your app is, the more people will be keen to use it.

If you have a solid app idea, then you should hire a mobile app development company.

Now you might be wondering, What is an app development company?What is a freelancer? Why are development companies a better choice?

They are a good choice as they help in focusing on your resources. They provide their services according to the user’s needs and guidelines. When you hire an agency, you can enjoy the services of an experienced project manager.

Freelancers are individual and are self employed and not necessarily committed to the employer for a long time.

If you want to hire a mobile app development company in India, then Codenia Technologies LLP is the most reliable and professional company with a skilled and experienced team of professionals.

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