Give your Business a Boost with Google My Business

All of these worries can be resolved by taking help from Codenia technologies, we take our time to research and provide your business with the best.

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If you have a physical store, you must have a great customer base in your locality, and must also be enjoying a certain amount of credibility from the set of customers you have. But have you ever thought of expanding your business? Of getting yourself known apart from the locality you are in? 

Having a Brick and Mortar business store can also have several limitations, like limited reach, a set circle of customers, etc. But all this can be overcome by a simple Google listing, which will ensure that your business is available on google when anyone searches for the services provided by you. For Eg- You are a pharmacy store, now anyone searching for “Pharmacies near me” will find you on the searches on Google. 

Now that we know that Google Listing can take your business to new heights let’s check out how-

Why Your Business on Google?

Discoverable- With the help of Google you can be discovered by people who do not know about your business, For eg- Anyone who is new in your locality, or someone looking for your services from a further radius can search you and avail your services. You can also get Google to locate your business enabling your potential customers to navigate from their location to yours.

Information- You can provide your customers with necessary information on Google like what services you provide, your address, contact details, etc. making you more accessible to potential customers and also putting yourself a notch higher towards success. You can also make your store images available to make them more real and trustworthy for your customers.

Reliability- Having a Physical store would obviously mean that you enjoy a certain amount of credibility in your vicinity, but with your business on Google, you can have access to the trust of those you don’t know. People hailing further from your familiars can also trust you if you have an online presence and feedback from existing customers. 

Personalize- You can connect with potential customers by answering their queries online, regarding your products or services. Your existing customers can leave you feedback and ratings to give an overview of how your business is, making it a personal experience for your customers.

How to build your Business on Google

Your business can benefit a lot by Listing it on Google but during the listing, there are some important things to keep in mind-

Contact Details-  Making yourself more accessible to your customers can increase your credibility, and also make their experience more personalized, so put in your Official mail and Official number so that your customers can contact you in case of any queries. Your customers can also give feedback and ratings of your store, making it more personalized.

Store Location- The main motive of lifting your business on google is that your customers should be able to locate your store and easily access it. So it is important to provide information regarding your store that makes it easier to locate you. You can put in a GPS location with your address so that your customers can easily find you. 

Services Provided- With your business on Google you can flaunt your services or products by uploading store images, list of products or services with their price list. Making you more real and credible for the potential customers.

These are some of the important things that your Google listing should have.

How does Codenia Help?

Your Business on Google can give your brick-and-mortar business new wings, and you can easily expand your business by listing it on Google. Everyone with an internet connection (India registers more than 800 million users in the year 2020) can search and locate your store.

But Business listings on Google can sometimes be confusing, what information to provide and what not? How to SEO optimize your business-related content so that it appears on the top of search results? How to get your potential buyers to discover you? How to optimize Google Ads. Listings to give maximum returns for your money?   

All of these worries can be resolved by taking help from Codenia technologies, we take our time to research and provide your business with the best. We have helped businesses by creating content and Ad. creatives that would appeal to the potential buyers and also optimize it to put it on top of search results.

To achieve success your business should be on Google, but Codenia gives you an easy and well-versed approach to create yourself a space in the midst of it without going through the usual hassle that people have to go through in the beginning.

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