Top 5 Social Media platforms, that will help you to make money

Most of the population, National or international, is present on social media, and it would be blasphemous to not advertise there.

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Top 5 Social Media platforms, that will help you to make money img

Social Media is a platform that has maximum presence, a billboard or a TV advertisement will not be able to garner 10 eyeballs in the time social media is viewed by thousands of people, not to mention the cost-effectiveness.

In times like these when society is at its digital advent, to be successful one must remodel their business, to not only keep up with the changes but also to foresee the upcoming trends and be prepared for them.

Most of the population, National or international, is present on social media, and it would be blasphemous to not advertise there.

Here are some of the best Social media platforms you might want to see your Ads. on- 

Social media Platforms

The main social media platforms that every digital marketer should keep in mind are-

Facebook- Facebook has a very vast audience, from school-going kids to office workers and homemakers too. A generic product that appeals to all like a mask or shoes, can be advertised on Facebook with great chances of success.

Twitter- It has users that are affluent and wish to remain updated, they are usually millennials and the advertisements here are usually for stock marketing, etc. 

Instagram- This Platform usually sees the Gen-Z or Millenials of the whole population, and thus an advertisement of Wheelchair might not give desired results. Whereas fashionable apparel will be a great hit.

Youtube- Everyone using a smartphone has access to youtube and anyone who can afford a smartphone(which is quite easy) is on youtube. So this platform has a very vast audience and anything and everything can be advertised here.

Linkedin- Linkedin mostly supports the working class or business people of the country and products or services like Job opportunities or anything that can assist them would be best advertised there.  

The different demographics of these social media platforms define the type of advertisements that can be done on these platforms. The Digital Marketing team of Codenia has been studying the changing trends of social media and societal norms, to give you the best Marketing services, we don’t just study the best social media platforms for your product or services but also keep in mind the pointers like-

Curate the Best Ads. 

Types of Ads.- Your requirements and your product decide what kind of Ads. should be used for your Ad. campaign. There are majorly three types of Ads.-

Lead Generation- When you want the interested audience to connect with you so that you can explain your product in a better way, you create a form on any social media platform to be filled by anyone who is interested in your product or services, that would include personal contact information. Enabling you to connect with the prospective buyers later.

Web Traffic- When you have an online presence and you want the viewers to check your products or services there, you include a link with a CTA (call to action button) that would lead the prospective buyer to your website. 

Brand Awareness- These Ads focus on delivering your Brand name and giving it recognition among your prospective buyers. A good brand awareness Ad. can be measured by how many people remember it after several days. In these Ads., we take special care to mention your brand in our creatives.

Interactive Ads.- Your Ad. content should appeal to people, and make them feel connected to your product/ services or to your Brand. A simple line describing your product or service may not appeal the prospective buyers but one with beautiful imagery and a message that appeals to the comic or emotional sense of your customers can become a great success.

To Conclude

Before posting an Ad. it is important to make sure that you are displaying it in front of the correct audience. The first step should obviously be a thorough study of your target audience. Choosing a perfect Social media based on its demographics is the next step, and then you decide what kind of Ad. the campaign you wish to run. Or you can make it all easy by turning to us and letting Codenia handle your Marketing strategies, where our creative team provides delectable Ad. creatives and digital marketing strategies.

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