Getting the right leads for your business.

your products and your target audience is necessary and we at Codenia Technologies know exactly how to increase your product’s demand.

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Imagine you have a product you want to sell, a beautiful dress maybe, or a fast racing car. You put in the best material and updated it according to the newest trends, packed it in a box, and wrapped it beautifully, you even told everyone you knew. 

And yet you have no buyers!

The reason behind this indifference is a simple one, your leads were inconspicuous and Correct Leads are not always an easy find, it requires a lot of research and deliberation.

The most important pointers that one should keep in mind when trying to generate leads are-

Identify Target Audience

Your Target Audience are your potential buyers, for Eg- Let’s say you want to sell a school bag, your target audience would obviously be school-going children and their parents, telling about this bag to a bachelor is a waste of time, and effort.

A thorough research based on the nature of your products and your target audience is necessary and we at Codenia Technologies know exactly how to increase your product’s demand.

These are some of the things that one should keep in mind while deliberating over product and target audience.

  • Time- At what time you pitch your product is of utmost importance, You should not be intrusive in any manner, for eg- An office going would find it comfortable in the evening, and if you call them up during office hours they might not show the relevant interest.

  • Age Group- Your pitch should be sensitive to the age of your target audience, you would not sell cutlery to school kids and cartoon figurines to seniors citizens.

  • Location- Your Product should be compatible according to the location of the customer, A person living in the tropics may not consider a woolen pullover viable, and similarly a person in Greenlands would find an Air conditioner waste of resources.

Create engaging and activity-based leads

A bland message telling that you have a product with such-such properties and you want to sell it, may not attract customers, but an eye-catching image with a piercing slogan or a tagline is bound to drive your point home. 

Our Creatives team is notorious for creating unique ads. creatives that are both conspicuous and attractive and are made after a lot of deliberations and research. We also make sure that our marketing is engaging so that customers feel more connected to the brand or business and are prompted towards brand loyalty. By Engaging content, we mean a Q/A that would tell us more about what a customer prefers is mandatory.

Leverage Social Media

Societal norms keep changing and the newest one of them is mandatory social media presence. Every single one of your potential buyers is there on social media and it would be delusional to not use it as a tool and grab as many eyeballs as we can.

Thus it’s important to have your brand name on social media platforms and be viewed on every screen.

Where to Generate Leads?

Now that we have answered how you can generate Leads the Question that remains is where you should be to create an appropriate buzz, the Most mandatory space for posting your Ad. are-

  • PPC Ad.- PPC ad. Are basically search engine ad., i.e Google Ad. Bing Ad. etc. These are usually meant for a broader audience as almost everyone nowadays has to browse something or other.

  • Facebook Ad./Instagram Ad.- Most people are addicted to social media and it’s only viable to use it as a tool to target a certain customer base.

  • Linkedin Ad.- Linkedin is a professional platform and there as only professionals are present there thus the ad. Put up there should concede with customer interests.

  • Email Marketing-Emailing your potential buyers is Email marketing, it requires a lot of research and has a more personal approach.

Summing Up

To Generate Leads one must have an analytical eye that can acknowledge the needs of customers and provide for what they require. Not only this one should also have a creative streak to lure the potential buyers and turn them into customers, and We at Codenia Technologies are adept at providing your business with the most accurate leads.

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