Convert your e-commerce website into a mobile application.

Codenia Technologies has expert developers that pride themselves on unique App designs and customized features, Your Mobile Application can also resemble your web store

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Online shopping and e-commerce stores are not an anomaly these days, and most of the shopping is done on websites and mobile applications.

Do these both complement each other?

Is one better than the other?

You have an e-commerce store and your reach has increased manifold, but still, something seems missing, Brand Loyalty? Or is it a high bounce rate?

It would not take a rocket scientist to declare that a customer would prefer Mobile App to a website, let us discuss the reasons behind this.

Why Mobile App?

You have a thriving e-commerce store, why then, should you bother to get a mobile App?

We have many a reason that you may want to listen before making a decision.

  • Convenience- In today’s fast-paced world where acquisition is effortless. The one most convenient is preferred. You may get customers based on your product quality and great services but when you provide them convenience too there is no going back. In today’s world convenience comes prior to quality and your product can be the best in the market but if it’s not easily available, the customers would not know or invest in your product.

  • Personalized Experience- A Mobile App is like a constant companion which the user can turn to in seconds, and the recurring personal notifications to remind your customers of your presence are far more effective than official seeming Emails. this can not be achieved with websites that seem distant in comparison to Mobile Apps.

  • Increased conversions- Having your customers so close to can lead to frequent visits and bing shopping, or unplanned expenditure thus increasing your conversion rate or transactions. Not only this your products will get more exposure, giving your customers a reason to splurge.

You can turn your e-commerce site even better by turning it into a mobile application that is similar to your e-commerce store and can be easily maneuvered. Codenia Technologies has expert developers that pride themselves on unique App designs and customized features, Your Mobile Application can also resemble your web store

Mobile Application has numerous benefits over Websites but the question that remains is how to get an App made?

How to get it done?

To get yourself a Mobile Application one must keep in mind that-

  • Define what you require- Before hiring a developer it is always better to first be clear what kind of features, UI/ UX you desire. The price of App development is mostly based on these things, and each added feature requires added time, effort, and money so you might want to be thoroughly clear about what you want before getting a developer.

  • What Application to use?-  There are different Applications for different software like Android, iOS, etc. So your developer should be well versed with the coding languages of the application you want. Basically, your application will decide what mobile software your app will run on.

  • Price Range- App development prices can vary due to various reasons like what features you want, the developer you hire, etc. It is advisable to be thorough in your research regarding the same. Your choice of App framework will also affect the pricing.

App development can be a tedious process and it can take about 5-6 months before it is completed. An easier option is a readymade framework for your apps, that have a generic framework, that you can get customized according to your wish.

Wrap Up

Getting a mobile App made can sometimes be tedious but there are high returns that will keep growing in the upcoming years as the market expands. Thus it is only beneficial for a company to keep itself updated with incoming trends.

It is also important to find an adroit Developer who will understand and deliver you exactly what you require and we at Codenia have a team of diligent developers, who can provide you with precise outcomes.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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