Why Kotlin for Android?

Codenia Technologies gives you a ready-made team that has world-class Developers, Graphic designers to curate for you an Application just the way you visualized it

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Mobile Phones have very much become a part of people’s lives, everything that had a physical form earlier is available virtually. Be it market, education, hospitals, anything or any service can be easily found on mobile phones. So being a business with no online presence can be suicidal for the company.

Having an Application makes it easier for you to be just one click away from your customers.

After deciding what kind of Application you want and your target audience too, the biggest decision that remains is what Programming language you should choose to get your Application developed. 

Each Programming Language has its own merits and demerits but today let us talk about why you should choose Kotlin to build an Application for your Android users. 

Benefits of Kotlin


  • Kotlin does not require developers to write long codes in order to create an application, it is a clear and concise Programming Language, It is easier to read, maintain, and apply changes to. Giving our developers flexibility to include anything you might wish for.

  • Kotlin works for even the oldest versions of Android and on the iOS 8+ versions too.

  • Google is becoming Kotlin oriented and many Applications written previously with other programming languages are now rewritten in Kotlin.

  • Kotlin being a free language incurs you no extra cost, it can easily be acquired from GitHub.

  • This Programming Language has high versatility as it is based on Java Virtual Machine and can easily be compiled with any other Java-based language, meaning that can easily be adapted in any pre-existing Application.

  • Codes in Kotlin are smaller than other languages like Java, making it easier to debug and it can be easily retained.  

How to get an App Developed

Since you Clicked on this Blog we will assume that you are interested in getting an App developed and wish it to be Android-centric, You may probably know that Android Applications are usually built on Java Programming Language, and after reading the benefits that Kotlin provides you know that it certainly is a better language to create you an Application. 

Now let us talk about some important pointers to keep in mind before getting an Application developed-

  • There are some points that must be considered before developing an Application-

    •  Application Type- What kind of Application you wish to develop, what services or products will it provide, this will obviously play a major role in creating the UI/UX of the application, 

    • The UI/UX is another important thing that should be discussed and decided prior to starting, A great design and smooth navigation will give your customers a great experience and that experience will keep them hooked to your App.

    • Application Development will require a team of specialists, who can keep it maintained and keep it updated, this team includes the Project Manager, Business analysts, Software Developers, Graphic designers, etc, that are dedicated to keeping your Application updated and at par with the newest trends.

Getting an Application Developed is a lengthy process, and requires lots of deliberations and efforts to build a team of specialists and the Application needs to go through repeated testing to ensure perfection, you can go through the lengthy process or let us, Codenia Technologies LLP make your life easier.

We make it easy for you

Codenia Technologies gives you a ready-made team that has world-class Developers, Graphic designers to curate for you an Application just the way you visualized it, Repeated testing ensures that your Application is bug-free and is ready to be launched. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our deliverables and our aim is to create the best possibles. Our team is equally dedicated to creating the best, with the help of their creativity and experience. 

Codenia Technologies LLP is a Web Development Company we provide our customers with the best Mobile Apps, Websites, Online assistance, Digital marketing, and much more. Connect with us to know more about us and our services.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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