Payment Gateways for E-commerce Store

our developers will ensure that your e-Commerce store has a payment gateway that will meet all the safety requirements and also have easy navigation.

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Now that you clicked on this blog, we assume that you have an E-commerce store and a solid customer base or want to build one, now to retain these customers and give them an easy experience and garner trust from them.

You may wonder, why is Payment Gateway so beneficial and how does it keep the trust and loyalty of your customers, a Payment Gateway provides your e-Commerce store a secure connection to the bank, making sure that the transaction that is initiated by the customer is valid by checking if the customer’s account has enough money and looking after safe transfer of money from customer’s account to the e-commerce’s account. It also sees after any order cancellation and money return. 

Now that we know why Payment Gateway is beneficial let us talk about how it is beneficial to your E- commerce store.


Security- Payment gateways ensure a secure transaction of money between the customer and the Store owner, transactions such as these usually include sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Passwords and the likes and it is equally important that the money should safely reach its destination without any fraud. This is where Payment Gateways ensure that all the data and money remains safe, keeping you and your customers safe and relaxed.

Non-tedious checkout- It does not require complex checkout methods and is easy to navigate, customers can choose any mode of payment and comfortably pay the money, it also decreases the bounce rate of the customers who may cancel purchases in the face of tedious payment methods.

Easily Integrates with the Shopping Cart- An integrated software to ease your customers, the customers can easily click on the desired product and the software will automatically create a bill, asking for mode of payment at the checkout. With just a few clicks your customer can complete the purchase and save much hassle.

Customer Loyalty- Providing your customers with a payment method that makes sure of not only your safety but also ensures that their personal data is safe will earn you their loyalty. The added benefit of easy checkout will also make them want to repeat purchases. 

How to get Payment Gateway Integrated with your E-commerce site

You can either get Payment Gateway services from other companies available in the market or get yourself a customized one that can be curated according to your business needs and suitably cater to the needs of your customers. Let us talk about all the things that you will need to get a customized Payment Gateway-

Bank Registration and contracting- the first step is get your commercial store registered in your preferred bank as a payment gateway provider. You also need to contract with other banks and inform them regarding your services.

Integrate Payment Gateway- to integrate a Payment gateway with your e-commerce site you will require developers who will look after creating API and ensure your security. It is advisable to get a PCI DSS certificate that will ensure the quality of your payment gateway and also make sure that it is fully secure to use.

How Do we make it Easy for you?

Codenia Technologies LLP is a Web Development Company that hosts a team of experienced and creative developers who are dedicated to creating the unseen, our developers will ensure that your e-Commerce store has a payment gateway that will meet all the safety requirements and also have easy navigation. We also create non-pareil e-commerce websites that lures you customers with it’s unique designs and easy navigation.


After reading this blog we know how important Payment Gateway is, but sometimes getting it integrated with your website can be a tedious job, finding a developer who can give you desired results is difficult. Codenia gives you experienced developers who have built such payment gateways many times. So if you want an easy and sturdy solution to your problem you may want to contact us.

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