Mobile App Trends that will Dominate 2021

It is common, smartphones are now in our hands. People utilize mobile apps for different purposes. Mobile apps have become an important part of the business industry.

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Codenia Admin 3 years ago
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How do you want to make your 2021 amazing??

Definitely with some new trends!!!

Wouldn’t it be a bore with those old, historic trends..

Guess what,,,,

We, our team of Codenia Technologies LLP, only for you with our research and knowledge gathered some top and latest mobile app trends that every marketer should know in 2021.

It is common, smartphones are now in our hands. People utilize mobile apps for different purposes. Mobile apps have become an important part of the business industry. A simple mobile app can help you grow your business and take your business graph up.

Your day to day struggle for running your business successfully and making your customer happy has now come to an end with a simple mobile application.

Benefits of mobile application-

  • Massive chance to grow E-business
  • Get official interaction with customers
  • Easily meets the targeted customer
  • free advertisement for your job
  • Makes you more comfortable
  • Seasonal business gains more choice.

Every business now wants to take a place on top with the help of mobile apps. Businesses are even following every new trend while developing mobile apps. In 2021, things will not change, new trends will come up, people will follow them to reach at the top.

We can see many new mobile app development trends which will dominate 2021.

We follow the new trend, it makes us excite our imagination. And in mobile app trends, it is far more better than imagination.only only the new features and functions are advantages, but also it is highly productive for your business.

So let’s now begin to discuss the important mobile app trends that will dominate in 2021.

  • Machine learning & AI

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already taken its place in 2021. Some of them are Voice search, Face unlock and more.

Using AI in mobile apps will improve your customer engagement.

Artificial intelligence builds smart machines for users.

There are different examples of artificial intelligence that are leading the market and companies are adopting them. Siri, Alexa, Amazon, Pandora, Nest, are common.

There are also different Artificial Intelligence that we use in our everyday life.

Face detection, Text editor, etc.

Machine Learning is a technology that improves computers to learn through experiences. Some of the examples of machine learning are, Google, Netflix, Video surveillance, Online fraud detection.

From stone tools to modern day machinery, there are tools for making the development of programs to assist us in day to day life. Some of the most important AI and Machine learning tools and frameworks are Scikit learn, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, MxNet, Keras, PyTorch, CNTK and many more.

  • IOT Internet Of Things-

Internet of Things, a term coined in 1999. Fast forward to 2021, it is now one of the most popular used technologies in the world.

The internet of things or IoT is changing and improving our life in various ways. Nowadays, TV can be controlled from your smartphone, smartwatches monitors your everyday exercises.

The IOT is now receiving positive reviews from users. Tools such as Connected appliances, smart home security systems, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitors, smart factory equipment, wireless inventory trackers, biometric Cyber Security scanners, etc are all IOT related.

There are different tools for IOT Development used by developers as Eclipse IOT, IBM Watson, NodeRed and many more.

  • Cloud Based Mobile apps-

 IT professionals and laymen both are aware of the impact of cloud technology on our day to day lives.

A mobile cloud-based app is a program that can be accessed various computing devices over the internet.

Reasons to use cloud based apps-

*Seamless Database Integration



*No Installation Required


*Easy Data Recovery

*Secure Data Storage

Test Sigma is the best tool for mobile and web applications. There are some Software Testing Tools for Cloud as SOASTA cloud test, LoadStorm, AppPerfect, Cloudsleuth, Nessus That are available in the market.

  • 5G technology-

We are already hearing about 5G in the world.

5G is the fifth generation technology which is 100 times faster than 4G. 5G can bring revolutionary changes to the apps.

Some top 5G trends are-

* Faster app connectivity

*Enhanced Data storage

*Improved 3D Gaming

  • Blockchain Technology-

Not everyone knows in detail about blockchain technology. This technology protects the information in such a way that it makes it highly difficult or impossible to change or hack that system.

Future trend of Blockchain technology-

*In Anti Piracy

*Securing Public Relation


Let's make your life simple by making you familiar with some tools. These tools are going to ease out your worries and guide you through blockchain development.









  • Mobile wallet-

Mobile wallets have gained a soft corner in the heart of users. As different countries are turning digital, users don’t prefer to pay in cash or type the account or card details frequently. They prefer to make the payment through the mobile wallet for rapid transactions.

With the arrival of Google Pay & Phone Pe, Amazon, Paytm, more and more people prefer virtual payment methods as a quick way to conduct transactions seamlessly.

That’s why mobile payments and hence mobile wallets are going to be seen integrated even more in many E-commerce and other apps this year.

  • Wearable Devices-

Can you believe the number of smart wearable devices are set to reach more than 800 million in this year alone! Wearables have made a huge wave among the users. We can find them in the market. They are smartwatches, smart jewelry, display devices (Google Glass). The best thing about wearables is that users can interact with these wearables through mobile apps.

Wearable devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches are bound to be an important part of all our lives.

Summing UP-

These are some of the top mobile apps development trends that can be chosen in 2021.

We live in a fast-paced world where various innovative ideas can be seen . Look at where mobile apps are now, compared to what they were back in the day.

With the upcoming generation, our race is going to make better new trends & technology in mobile app development continuously. This is going to pave the way for more enhanced functionality and performance of the app.

If you’re looking to take your mobile business to new heights, we can help you with that.

With our impeccable, bespoke mobile app solutions for Android & iOS, meets all business goals and provides a delightful experience to the clients’ users. This is the reason we are rated as a top mobile app development company.

Got a question?

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