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An Online Therapy App can not give you a positive status in business but also provide desired revenue.

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The world nowadays is extremely fast-paced and everyone wishes to have a friend they can confide in and someone who would help them overcome any kind of difficulty. Most people do not want themselves to be considered a depression patient or of having any other kind of mental disability, But discussing this on an App and with a stranger, who is unlikely to be judgemental, is usually easy.

Having an Aggregator App that addresses such problems of the society, can be a feather in the cap of your business where you can not only seek people’s approval but also garner revenue from the App. 

You must be wondering what an Aggregator App is. It means approaching service/product providers to sell through our app where they can find willing customers, considering it as a hub where sellers can meet buyers and vice versa.  

But what does an Online Therapy App do? How will it help people? Let us have a look at some basic features that an Online Therapy App possess and get these questions answered-

App Features
  • This App comes in two versions, one that is installed by the customers or patients and another that can be installed by the Therapist, making it easier for them to communicate.

  • Patients and Therapists can both build a profile easily using Gmail to sign up and fill in the necessary details.

  • Reports of the patient are stored in this app along with the progress they make and any severe illness or side-effect they may be suffering from, in the therapist App.

  • Therapists can take live sessions to communicate and connect with their patients, giving valuable advice and mentoring.

  • Features like Pricing, Payment gateways, and Billing are available. Patients can also download invoices and receipts after their sessions.

  • Patients if unable to attend any session can reschedule it again with the therapist.

  • Discount offers can be provided to patients and more elaborate schemes to entice both therapists and patients.

How does It benefit the creator (You)?

  • Having an App that helps people fight problems like depression, anxiety, and other problems that aid in deteriorating one’s mental health is certain to help your business get some positive reviews from society.

  • You can also generate revenue from the customers and therapists who decide to use your App, through commissions offered by the therapist and other services that you might include.

Your Wish Our Command

App development usually requires a lot of time and efforts and deliberations several important things let’s check what are the things that one should keep in mind-

  • The Basic step to get an App like this build is to hire a developer, but before you hire a developer you must answer some questions, like where would you like to run your mobile application? on Android or iOS. 

  • You might also want to decide on any add-ons or specific UI that you want to add before the actual App-development starts. 

  • Pricing is something you might want to discuss with your App-developer before getting started. With clarity on any extra- charges on any add-ons that you might want.

App development can certainly prove to be extremely tedious and sometimes take up to over 4-5 months before it can be launched, the easier option is that you can opt for us, Codenia Technologies LLP, with our experience in developing this App and also giving easy add-ons, you can benefit a lot. Our developers are dedicated to building Apps that are unique and can keep the customers hooked with unique UI and UX. Your online therapy App can be the most unique one in the market if you mix your experience and creativity with your will to succeed.

Wrap Up

An Online Therapy App can not give you a positive status in business but also provide desired revenue. While building it is important to keep in mind that your App should be pleasant enough for your users to keep them hooked and Codenia Technologies prides itself in building exclusive Apps. Our Experience in App building is immense and have curated apps like these numerous times, so if you want yourself an App that is unique and exclusive, contact us.

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