Micro Apps- The Future Of Mobile Applications

You have the idea about Micro apps, But want to know how it affects your business.

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Codenia Admin 3 years ago
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Are you confused about what Micro apps are ??

We will let you know what it is..


You have the idea about Micro apps, But want to know how it affects your business.

Check in the article for more info…..

We know the term “micro” denotes the size. Here we are talking about micro apps expressing the size of computing devices.

What are micro apps exactly???

You may get confused about what micro apps are, but it's not that hard to understand.

Micro apps are HTML based, customized applications built to solve specific purposes. They are similar to desktop utility programs. They are smaller in size performing specific tasks instantly.

But how do these apps affect your business??

Micro apps may be small in size, but have its effect in your business. It is significant for business mobility strategies.

  • Instead of building large projects, micro apps help you to achieve quick wins.
  • They are able to respond faster to user’s feedback.

Beneficial features of micro apps-

  • Low cost
  • Independent
  • Customized

Low cost- These apps take less time to build for having less functionality. They are beneficial for having less resources which leads to cost less money for development and upkeep.

Independent- Micro apps are designed with micro service architecture, leading to function independently.

Customized- These apps are fully customized and flexible. They work to improve user experience.

Micro apps provide highly focused and great functionality that let the user get in, interact and get out with maximum efficiency.

There are some factors that contribute to growing micro apps.

They are-

  • Simple UI
  • Rising app development prices
  • Extra burden of general app
  • Easy accessibility of micro app
  • Function specific

A great application is one that provides a great solution with simple user experience.

There are some points that a company looks for in a micro app. They are-

  • Easy access
  • Customized
  • Robust functionality

Want to know more about micro apps and how it works !!!

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