Get more Vendors to your e-commerce store

Merchants may simply set up large-scale ecommerce sites where several vendors sell their products or services using a multi-vendor ecommerce program

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In today’s hassled life where people are bound by work and life, shopping becomes an obtrusion. To address this issue businesses came up with a solution, and turned their shops into digital stores that were just one click away.

Consumers have always been attracted by comprehensive stores, be it digital or physical. And this is where Multiple vendor E-commerce sites prove their worth. 

We at Codenia Technologies are adept at enhancing a website to its full potential. Developing a website for an augmented experience, both for you and your customers. 

We can help you if you-

  • Are you trying to build a website that is easy to use and gives you a sense of luxury by going an extra mile to serve you?

  • Thinking big is your nature and do not like how your business is confined by bricks and geography? 

  • Want your customers to have an arresting experience on your website, so that they visit again.

  • Want to turn your online business from a single-vendor multiple buyer to a one stop store.

Why become digital?

The aftermath of demonetization saw a huge shift from cash to virtual money, and the pandemic brought the paradigm shift in Indian households as people shifted to online shopping, and to survive in today’s world we need to keep changing according to the growing environment as is famously said: “Change is the only constant”. 

If you wish to stand at par with other companies and vendors, to overcome geographical barriers and expand your reach, digitalization is your answer. 

In today’s era of advancing technology the way to success is paved by digitizing your business so that you can not only stand neck to neck with your competitors but also prove yourself better than them by creating a distinguished website.

What should a Website have?

  • A customer tries to assess whether your company or shop will be able to deliver the services or products when required, and the first impression of that is the landing page. It should have an innovative and creative UI to provide customers with a visual treat. 

  • An easy-to-navigate site where buyers are not hindered by technical issues, causing a higher bounce rate on your website.

  • High quality of regular content that provides the readers with appropriate information that keeps the readers hooked, and at the same time describes the necessity of your product or service

  • Interactive activities like polls or competitions that engage your consumers and entertain them at the same time introducing them to your company and products or services.

  • Your website must be mobile-friendly as most of the shoppers prefer mobile over desktop or laptop, so it is important you remain just one click away from your seekers.

  • An interactive feedback site that encourages customers to share if any issues arise, and timely reply to their grievances, to make the customers feel connected.

  • Anticipating the needs of your customers and building a solid strategy accordingly 

for eg: If you have an apparel collection and winters are about to come, you might want to display your woolens on the landing page and put up a sale of summer wear.

Why should you turn your website from a single seller to multiple ones?

  • The fact that people have always preferred comprehensive stores above shops with single types of products is not new. Multiple stores will help lure more customers and at the same time provide the vendors with healthy competition, encouraging them to perform better. 

  • It provides you with security that ensures your website won't go down if a single seller backs out or faces adversity.

  • More vendors would mean a higher profit generation that gives you a financial edge.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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