Pros and Cons of React

ReactJS framework is a highly used, flexible and efficient Javascript framework.

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Pros and Cons of ReactJs

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Why not choose ReactJS….

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But before, knowing the pros and cons of reactjs,

Let’s have some understanding about reactjs.

ReactJS framework is a highly used, flexible and efficient Javascript framework. Maintained by Facebook, this framework is built with a mentality to forward business by using quick page load speed, SEO friendly, and used for building reusable UI components. This makes ReactJS much better.

As we know that, Javascript is a language of the web and choosing ReactJS Javascript framework  is a better choice.

Features of ReactJS-

  • Declarative
  • Virtual DOM
  • JSX
  • Event handling
  • Performance
  • Component-Based
  • React Native

ReactJS has a reputation for being a powerful tool for creating user interfaces (UI), as it is essential for web applications.

As we have known its features, now if you are using ReactJS framework, let’s have a look at the pros and cons to suit your needs.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Virtual DOM
  • High Performances
  • Reusable components
  • Huge community
  • SEO friendly


  • Poor Documentation
  • JSX as a barrier
  • High rate of development

These are the advantages and disadvantages of ReactJS. Let’s take a deeper look at it.


  • Easy to learn and use-

In comparison to other frameworks, ReactJS is simple and easy to use. Either a newbie or a developer of Javascript framework will be able to understand and can create web apps from reactJS within days.

  • Virtual DOM-

DOM (The Document Object Model) is an in-memory representation of the real DOM elements generated by React components. It is a representation of a web page in an object oriented format to interact with programming language.

Instead of interacting with Real DOM, ReactJS interacts with Virtual DOM. It enables developers to work with UI-objects faster. It increased performance, but it also made programming faster.

  • High Performance-

One of the important things while building a web app is to make it more faster and responsive to customers. This way, it improves its performance.

  • Reusable components-

ReactJS has multiple components, which are able to reuse HTML codes. Do you think designers do the same work over and again?  They reuse the same assets. They make the applications to develop in an easy way.

  • Huge community-

          Facebook maintains ReactJS to make it a better UI for customers. The    ReactJS community supplies a lot of libraries made easier during the ReactJS development process. The libraries  provide new possibilities and ways to improve the quality of developer’s code and applications.

  • SEO friendly-

We know that there has been always an issue of frameworks while dealing with SEO. But ReactJS helps developers to overcome these problems, to navigate easily on various search engines.


  • Poor Documentation-

ReactJS is one of the efficient Javascript frameworks. But there is a lack of updating technologies. Documentation for ReactJS is often lacking.

  • JSX as a barrier-

JSX is a feature of ReactJS. But for new developers, This feature is treated as a barrier.

  • High Rate of Development-

This feature in ReactJS has both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages as for our generations are growing faster. Most developers don’t want to relearn to learn new ways to do things regularly. They are always required to update and learn new ways of doing things.

ReactJS has its uniqueness to build web applications. This framework has been proven efficient for building interactive UIs.

Many renowned websites used ReactJS.

There are many pros of ReactJS for your business. At the same time, There are some disadvantages of ReactJS that should be kept in mind while building web apps for your business.

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