An emergency App for your loved ones

Getting an App developed from scratch can be a very tedious and time consuming task, especially when a developer has no idea of your dream Mobile application and you have to explain every single thing to them.

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In this World where living out of the home has become a necessity for all and leaving behind your loved ones or sending them away to another city keeps you feeling tense and worried about them, but an App that takes care of them and keeps a tab of their safety will be an instant hit among your customers.

You not only inspire trust among your customers by showing that you care but also gain revenue from such a Mobile Application.

Before indulging with the other aspects let us see what all will this Application provide your customers with-

Mobile Application Features

The main motive of this application is to ensure the safety of kids and older people and also provide them with any kind of immediate assistance like medical or arms help. The App contains-

  • Onboarding screen asking for credentials from the customers to ensure authenticity.

  • List of Hospitals/Doctors/Police stations available nearby.

  •  Health Checkup packages/ full body packages.

  • Consult doctors from Home

  • Make a booking and pay online

  • You may also offer discounts to the customers

  • Medicine reminder to ensure timely intake.

  • Chat/call/video chat with the available doctors.

  • Medical Reports and files concerning the patients. 

  • You may also include a pedometer in the mobile application so that the users remain motivated to be healthy.

  • Numbers of Ambulance and also the time it would take to reach the user.

  • SOS button to notify friends in case of any emergency, the user can include some friends that will be notified as soon as the SOS button is pressed.

  • News and Blogs to keep the users updated and aware about health and other things.

  • A Service Provider's Mobile Application that will notify the Doctor’s/ Ambulance drivers about your condition with relevant features to ensure quick response.

What you require to build this Application

The most basic thing that a person requires for the Application is a great idea and a great team that can execute it with perfection. For building an mobile application you might want to start with-

Hire a developer with appropriate knowledge, you might want your Mobile Application to work for both Android and iOS, but hiring a developer versed in Kotlin language would not help you.

The costing of the Mobile Application should also be discussed beforehand with the developer, and any add-ons must also be discussed to avoid any kind of confusion, costing also depends on what kind of UI/UX you want to apply in your Mobile Application.

The Easy Way

Getting an App developed from scratch can be a very tedious and time consuming task, especially when a developer has no idea of your dream Mobile application and you have to explain every single thing to them.

Codenia Technologies LLP deals in Mobile Applications, Websites development etc. thus, building a Mobile Application that resonates with your dreams is an easy task for us. We have a team of skilled professionals who have been looking after the development of numerous such mobile applications, and also delivered perfect results.

Our company is dedicated to providing technical solutions to our clients that includes Mobile Application/ Website building, Digital marketing, IoT, IT Consulting, Smart TV Applications, Watch Applications etc. and we are proud that we are backed up by satisfied clients who have appreciated us and motivated us. 


Mobile Application that is in sync with social welfare is certain to earn you brand loyalty not to mention the added revenue that you can earn in form of commissions. But building such an application is a difficult task and that is where Codenia Technologies comes in with expert advice and easy solutions.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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