Lightweight and Flexible Framework

Leverage Flask's lightweight and flexible framework to quickly build web applications with minimal boilerplate code, allowing for rapid development and iteration.

Extensible and Modular Design

Benefit from Flask's extensible and modular design, enabling developers to easily customize and extend functionality through the use of Flask extensions and third-party libraries.

RESTful API Development

Create powerful and scalable RESTful APIs with Flask, using its built-in support for request handling, routing, and serialization to simplify the development process and improve interoperability.

Jinja2 Templating Engine

Enhance the user experience with dynamic and responsive web interfaces using Flask's integration with the Jinja2 templating engine, allowing for the creation of dynamic content and seamless integration of Python code within HTML templates.

Werkzeug WSGI Toolkit

Take advantage of Flask's integration with the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit to handle HTTP request and response objects, providing low-level control over the handling of web requests and responses.

Community Support and Documentation

Join a vibrant community of Flask developers and enthusiasts, supported by comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and resources to help you get started and overcome challenges along the way.

Choose From Our Flask Hiring Models

We offer the flexibility of choosing the best-fitted engagement model for all our clients.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with a project that needs dedicated attention, ask about dedicated teams. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract.

  • No hidden costs
  • 160 Hours of part & full time
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
Controlled Agile

Controlled Agile

The controlled agile engagement model best suits those with a limited budget and still requires some flexibility against the changing conditions.

  • Optimal flexibility
  • Agile Team
  • Small projects
  • Complete control over budget
Time & Material

Time & Material

If you represent a company with undefined projects and need ongoing work, ask about hourly. It’s a pay-as-you-go hour-wise rolling contract.

  • No hidden costs
  • Requirement based working hours
  • Low financial risk
  • Pay only for measurable work

  • Experienced software developers
  • Flexible engagement options
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • 160 man hours guaranteed
  • Smooth communication
  • Complementary development manager
  • Ongoing internal L&D programs
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