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We are here to help you choose a better choice for your business.

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Are you confused between freelancers and development companies??

Whom to choose, who will be a better choice??

Don’t worry!!!

We are here to help you choose a better choice for your business.

We always suggest to you the best with our core experience.

SO, what do you know about app/web development processes??

Is it too difficult to define…

No, it’s not.

Let’s start by defining exactly what mobile app development is.

Mobile app development is a process of creating apps that run on mobile devices.

Due to the increase of smartphones and tablets users, Mobile app development is also increasing at a high rate. Developing a mobile app is just not a piece of cake to get. Typically, every six months or so, new versions with unique features roll out.

Developing an app is only worth it when it forms into a great app. You can only attract your customers with a great user experience.

How to develop an app-

The process of developing an app, to bring your project to life has some simple steps to be followed.

  • Market research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Marketing

It’s a frequent problem for a business owner, if they want an app. They need a highly capable developer.

What will be the next step for you??

Maybe hiring a freelancer or a development company is coming to your mind. But to choose between them will influence your whole development process, and this will decide the future of your project.

How to choose the better one??

Who will you trust??

You will find the right answer below.

Every project is different. It’s difficult to find out whether Freelancers or Development companies are a better choice.

App development company-

An app development company is a team of professionals with project managers, developers, designers, writers, and many other professionals. They build apps according to the user’s guidelines and the client’s needs. Working with a team of development companies can help you get an excellent mobile application.


Freelancers are self-employed individuals, and are not necessarily committed to any employer for a long time.

Most freelancers work from home.

Freelancers vs Development companies

To understand which of these two options will be a better choice, we have found some points to keep an eye.

  • Cost Related

App development company- Companies are quite skilled in all of their work,same goes in costing. Mostly, their charging offers fixed prices for development projects. Unless any customers need additional features in the work. Working with a company will help you to maintain your budget.

Freelancer- It’s rarely found that a freelancer has a fixed rate as they offer services on an hourly basis.

  • Skills & Expertise

App development company- Hiring a development company for your project means you will get a team of professionals. These professionals have knowledge in various fields.

Freelancer- A freelancer works on several projects. They have experience in working for various projects. They work as a single person for all tasks.

Do you think a single person can manage all the tasks?????

  • Management

App development company- Management is also an important part in the process of development. Managing the project is not an easy thing to do. In that case, you need a project manager. This role manages the entire process. They are responsible for all deadlines and the management among the team members.

Freelancer- Freelancer, individually handles all the tasks from the first till the end. They might not be able to manage all things sometimes, which in results may affect the project.

  • Support & Maintenance

App development company- Development companies don't abandon you after the project work ends. They always focus on building long term relationships with their customers for services.

Freelancer- After the project’s done, freelancers usually do not provide further maintenance. So it’s become difficult for you in future if any problem arises, the freelancer may not help you out from that.

There are many differences between them, if you try to go deep down.

If you want to know more about why choose an app development company,

Feel free to contact us.

Comparison between freelancer and Development companies



Development company



Fixed rate

Hourly basis (flexible)


Limited qualification

Multi skilled professionals






Lack of resources



Lack of quality


Safer and reliable

Not guarantee

A team of professionals

A whole team of dedicated experts

Single individual to do all tasks

Why development agencies??

Hiring a development agency will be a better choice for your project. Get a better option who matches your needs. They keep the business standards and guarantee to provide successful applications.

Discuss your project with our experienced team of Codenia Technologies LLP.

Let’s make it real.

Got a question?

We'd love to talk about how we can help you.

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