AR (Augmented Reality) for e-Commerce

Until now Augmented Reality has been used mainly as a toy, but now E-commerce has seen a glimpse of the future there and has started exploring new possibilities there. Let check out these possibilities

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The first question that arises when you see the title of this blog, must be what exactly is Augmented Reality? 

A few years ago if you decide to buy a table for your room online, the only thing available for you would be a picture of the table with the measurements and description for you to imagine what it will look like in your room but Augmented Reality gives you cognition, it will display the table with correct proportions in your room for you to analyze.

We all have brushed past Augmented Reality in some ways or other, used Snapchat/Instagram filters? 

Until now Augmented Reality has been used mainly as a toy, but now E-commerce has seen a glimpse of the future there and has started exploring new possibilities there. 

Let check out these possibilities


Customer Engagement

Online shopping though most convenient has a major flaw, you can just look at the pictures of the product, but you can not figure out the size, will the product accomplish what’s needed of it? Augmented Reality solves this issue by giving your customers an accentuated way to shop.


Customers can easily decide if they want a product or not, with enhanced clarity. For eg- You want to buy lipstick but can not decide on the shade, an E-commerce website gives you an option where you can turn on the camera, and the different shades are automatically applied to your lips! 

 Does it not provide your customers with increased cognition and you an edge over your competitors.

Increased Conversions and decreased returns

Augmented Reality is still thought of as a toy by most so anything doing with Augment Reality gives it an entertainment value. What is better than having something so engaging on your website, the increased cognition also ensures a decrease in returned products and more conversions.

How is it Different from Virtual Reality/ 3D imaging

Virtual Reality will not take into consideration anything from your real world, for example, you can see a vase of flowers in its 3D imaging and also make a rough estimation of its size whereas,  Augmented Reality tells you how that vase will look on your table.

How do you Apply Augmented Reality?

An Apparel store, a fashion stop, or a furniture shop? Augmented Reality helps all 

You want to buy a sofa set and can’t decide what color suits you best, try Augmented Reality It will give correct proportions and also show you exactly how it will look like sitting in your Living room. 

Can’t what color suits your walls try Augmented Reality, will the dress fit you? Create a mini-you and see how you look in that Apparel.

To integrate Augmented Reality into your E-commerce store you need a developer who can create you an Augmented Reality-supportive website or Mobile Application then you need to get 3D content designed based on your product needs and have it integrated into your website.

Make a statement E-commerce Store

The upsides of having Augmented Reality at your side are tremendous, but getting it done is tedious. But we can make it easy for you by giving you a team of experts.

Codenia Technologies LLP deals in Mobile Applications, Websites development etc. thus, building a Mobile Application that resonates with your dreams is an easy task for us. We have a team of skilled professionals who have been looking after the development of numerous such Websites and mobile applications and also delivered perfect results.

Our company is dedicated to providing technical solutions to our clients that include Mobile Application/ Website building, Digital marketing, IoT, IT Consulting, Smart TV Applications, Watch Applications etc. and we are proud that we are backed up by satisfied clients who have appreciated us and motivated us. 


Augmented Reality is the wings that can your business to new heights, it gives you an edge over your competitors and better-engaged customers. But finding skilled developers who can create an engaging Augmented Reality for you is very important, so if you require a team of skilled developers you know where to find us.

Got a question?

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