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About the game
Raffle is a Online Casino Gaming Platform. It allows the website administrator to organize raffles (lotteries).

Vue.js, Laravel Mix, Web3, PHP, MySQL


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How to play

A raffle is a type of contest in which users buy a ticket for a chance to win a prize. All proceeds from ticket sales form the cash prize pool (pot). The pot is split between the winner and the house (the casino administrator can define the percentage of the pot, which will be kept as a fee). To participate in a raffle a user needs to buy at least one ticket. The number of tickets users can purchase in every raffle can be limited by the administrator. The admin can specify the raffle duration (for how long the raffle will run) or set the target number of tickets that should be purchased for the raffle to complete. In either case when a raffle is due to finish a random ticket will be drawn and the user that bought that ticket will win the pot. The advantage of raffles is that they are completely risk free for the casino owners, because winner is paid from the ticket sales proceeds.


  • Automatic completion (no admin intervention required)
  • Recurring raffles support
  • Bots support
  • Ability to set raffle title, description and banner image
  • Ability to specify total number of tickets, max number of tickets in a raffle, ticket price, house fee (pot split percentage)
  • Ability to choose raffle completion trigger – after specific time passes or after all available tickets are sold
  • Winner email notification
  • Raffles management: view, create, edit or finish raffles (ahead of schedule), view tickets

Demo environment

Please click on the Demo link on the left panel to play this game and test the application. You can use the following credentials to check the additional features:

Username: [email protected]
Password: testme

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