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About the game

Vue.js, Laravel Mix, Web3, PHP, MySQL


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How to play

Select 10 numbers from 1 to 80 by clicking on a specific number. If it is too boring click “Random” button to generate numbers for you. Choose your bet and click “Play”. 20 unique random numbers will be generated. The goal is to match as many numbers you chose on the board with the generated numbers as possible.



Game settings

A casino administrator can:
  • Change game background, slug and banner
  • Set min and max bet amount
  • Set bet increment / decrement amount
  • Set number of rows and columns (min 3×3, max 10×10)
  • Specify how many numbers the user should choose
  • Specify how many random numbers should be generated
  • Set payout for each number of matches (hits)

Demo environment

Please click on the Demo link on the left panel to play this game and test the application. You can use the following credentials to check the additional features:

Username: [email protected]
Password: testme

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