Which Analytics Tool Is Right For Your App ??

Analytic tools for business are software for apps that recover data from one or more systems and combine it to review and analyze in a data warehouse.

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Codenia Admin 3 years ago
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Hi….I’m wondering if you are searching for a great tool !!!!

Yes, you‘re right…

You are looking for some great analytical tools for your app this year.

As we have come through a lot of hurdles last year.. And we know we all want a new beginning.

What’s better than a robust analytic tool for your app..

In this article, we will discuss some analytic tools that will be right for your app in 2021.

Let’s get started,,

Analytic tools for business are software for apps that recover data from one or more systems and combine it to review and analyze in a data warehouse.

The Importance of Analytic tools in your business is that it helps you to make sound commercial decisions and increase the profitability of the organization, boosting its market share and revenue, resulting in gaining a  better return on investments.

Knowing how many people are downloading your app, the ROI you are making is important. Another important thing to keep in mind is tracking your app’s progress and performance. That is where an analytic tool is needed.

There are various tools to track your app’s progress and performance.

We will let you know some top mobile app analytic tools that are the right in 2021.

  1. Google Analytics-

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and gives you an extremely in-depth look at your website and app performance.

Google Analytics helps you to understand user’s behavior for mobile applications.

Features of Google Analytic tools-

  • Helps track business growth insights
  • Real-Time acquisition data
  • Offer email notification
  • Operating through multiple device is possible

           Benefits of having Google analytics-

                  *Analyze traffic to the app

                 *Information about the visitor to the app

                 *Check historical data

                 * Keywords learning

                 *Your ranking in search engines


Now you have come across the features and benefits of Google Analytics for your app, now let’s have a look at how to use Google analytics.

Below, there are the following steps you can know how to use Google analytics.

 How to use Google Analytics-

                  *Create a Google account

                  *Add the name, URL of the app or website you want to track.

                 *Add a view to your property.

                 *Add your tracking code directly after the <head> tag of your site.

                 *Visit your Google account and verify the code is working.

  1. iOS apps analytics-

           iOS apps analytics is a tool from Apple for marketers or developers that measures KPIs including app traffic sources, web and app referrers, App Store impressions, user engagement, and more.

iOS app analytics tracks user engagement and provides user segmentation tools. They also give you insight into the app’s growth.


*Engagement reports

*A/B Testing



With the help of iOS app analytics, it becomes easier for marketers to track app traffic in other apps.

  1. Amazon mobile analytics-

         Amazon Mobile Analytics is a tool that allows a developer to collect and analyze mobile application usage data. It is a service for collecting, checking, understanding, and finding app usage data at scale.


*12 months free tier access

*User session recording

*Help to find potential opportunities

*Retention analytics

How to track app usage with Amazon Mobile Analytics-

*Create an App in the Mobile Analytics Console

*Set Permissions for Mobile Analytic

*Add NuGet Package for Mobile Analytics to Your Project

* Configure Mobile Analytics Settings

  1. Flurry Analytics-

Flurry Analytics provides major insights about games and helps us optimize their design.  Easy to use, Flurry Analytics provides advanced functionality for the app.

Advantages of Flurry analytics-

*Build better apps

*Help to grow your audience

*Event tracking

*User segmentation


*Create funnels

*Filter users

*Information about session length

How to Get Data from Flurry-

*Login to your Flurry account

*Click your app name

*Look at the information flurry provide

  1. County-

           The county is one the best analytics platforms to understand and enhance customer experiences in mobile applications. They securely process billions of data points every day in the cloud to help companies across the globe grow their business.


  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • Real-time information
  • Tracking user segmentation is easy
  • Track sets of events (the funnel)
  1. Localytics-

Localytics is mobile app analytics that provides insights and tools to improve mobile app engagement.


  • Sessions and events
  • Retention analytics
  • Attribution
  • Uninstall tracking
  1. App Annie-

         App Annie is a mobile analytics tool where users can track competitors and identify best-performing app marketing activities. App Annie can measure nearly 50 different metrics to improve mobile strategy, revenue, competitor app downloads, user demographics, usage and more.

Features -

  • Offers insights on the recent trends
  • A great help when you need to ramp up the download rates
  • Gives access to insightful information

When you have the right analytics about your business, you can convert your visitors into your customers.

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