How much does it cost to make an app for an online shopping fashion, clothing, apparel, and jewelry store?

Mobile eCommerce apps are now acquiring a significant position in the market.

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How much does it cost to make an app for an online shopping fashion, clothing, apparel, and jewelry store? img

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What if there’s a simple way you can grow your business, attract your clients, and give your brand a boost?

It’s all possible by building a mobile app for your online store. Today, ecommerce apps are now taking over the market, with many users and gaining profits. With an app, you can connect and collaborate with their target audience.

So, Get to know how a mobile eCommerce app is a must for your online business.

Benefits of having an Ecommerce App in your Business-

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  • Great opportunity to grow your business
  • Chances of having interaction with your customers
  • Easy getting targeted customer
  • Free advertisement for your job
  • More comfortable
  • Profit in Seasonal business

Mobile eCommerce apps are now acquiring a significant position in the market. They have become the epitome of success with their benefits for both business owners and customers. If you are looking to establish a strong business, then you must have the idea of having a mobile eCommerce app.

People who download your mobile app show a higher level of interest in your brand. As for research, Customers spend more hours in apps than on mobile sites. By having an icon for your online store, customers are more inclined to order from you. The mobile app offers an efficient way of communicating with your customers.

All types of businesses spend revenues on their marketing strategies. Regular marketing campaigns as social media, emails, SMS, and other channels are some major strategies. You can have 24*7 visibility to your customers.

Are you aware of the way that your store presented to your customers can make or break your sales? The combination of great UX, simple navigation lead to high conversion rates. But let’s discuss again about conversions. Mobile apps generate 100% more revenue than mobile sites and 90% more than desktop sites.

How to Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App

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First of all, you need a strategy. Define your goals, do market research and the target audience you need to reach. This idea will help you imagine your future app, and how to perform.

How to create a mobile app that will both generate profits and also make your users satisfy? You need to grab a design that is both eye catching and easy to use. The design of a mobile app ensures a positive user experience, and increases customer loyalty.

Users always prefer interaction with simple and logical navigation. They don’t want to waste time. Any complicated design is the wrong approach.

Find a Reliable Business Partner on who you can rely on. For all this, the best way to get an app is to hire a professional app development company. You can get a developer team to assist you to get the best app. Even for a small application, a team is the better choice. It would be much faster and more qualitative in the end. Everyone is engaged and responsible for their part of the project.

We at Codenia Technologies have 15 + years of specialization in delivering the best-in-class mobile app and website development services across the world. Our development and designing team is skill at all the current technology trends.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile E-Commerce App?

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The cost of an e-Commerce project development consists of several components. To check the approximate cost of your future solution, you should consider them all. It depends on many factors. We hope our little research will help you find your answers.

The average price of a simple app is between $1000 to $5,000, in approximately 500-700 hours. The medium complexity app cost is between $5,500 and $7,000, takes from 700 to 1000 hours, and A complex app may cost from $7,500 to $10,000, which may exceed 1200 hours of development.

Several factors determine the cost of developing an ecommerce app, as-

  • App Category
  • Design
  • Platform
  • Maintenance

The platform you want your app to develop plays a significant role in determining its cost. The font, navigation, UI, and button positions differ with each platform as iOS and Android.

Another critical factor that determines the cost of building an app is the design of the software. According to research, 93% of an app’s first impression is design-related.

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Team Members


Our Cost

Other company’s cost

(Hourly cost)

Business Analysts

Knowing the project scope, knowledge on overall market profitability.

$50 +

Project Manager

Translating all the client details to the team members, Assembling project plans, giving teamwork assignments, identifying resource needs.


Software Developer

Writing app code, integrating new features, fixing bugs, and upgrading to new versions.


Back-end Developer

Ensuring that the database and the server are running in sync with each other in real-time.


Graphic Designer

Working on the UI/UX of the app, resolving the design issues, and optimizing tasks to ensure seamless in-app navigation.


QA Analyst

Testing each section of the app, controlling and maintaining code quality, and ensuring the final product meets the client requirements.


Of course, the app costs given above, fluctuate depending on the project size and the involvement of the team members. The cost table is only a rough estimation of the standard development costs charged by multiple team members in 2020.

The key here is to partner with the right mobile app development agency to expand and scale at affordable costs.

If you are also looking for developing the best E-Commerce app, we are here to build the top class app with our best app developer’s team.

Reach out to us today for your Business to grow within days.

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